Mission & Vision


The Ecuadorian-American Cultural Center (EACC) is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization.

Our mission

Is to raise awareness of Ecuadorian culture through the arts and education

Our vision

Is to see Ecuadorian-Americans as a proud, respected, and well-known community within the United States.


They support us to continue growing

Esau Chauca
Executive Director

Erika Campoverde
Operations Coordinators

Guillermina Pauta
Administrative Assistant

Pedro Vintimilla
Arts Program Coordinator

Erika Campoverde
Special Events Coordinator

Ivan Salvador
Adult Education Coordinatior

Jose Rivera
Ayazamana Dance Group Director

Justo Santos
Costume Coordinator

Mirian Camas
Chilndren Dance Director

Neybi Perez
Online Community Manager