Children’s Dance Program

Our children’s dance program is named Ñukanchik Sapi, which in the Kichwa language stands for “our roots.” This program provides children and their parents with a space where they can learn about Ecuadorian culture and meet other families of Ecuadorian descent and beyond. The class meets every Saturday and is open to children of ages between six and ten. In order to provide access to as many children as possible, the program fee is kept to a minimum and majority of the traditional costumes are provided at no cost.

The program presents a spring and a winter recital where the children perform the various dances they have learned. Besides these productions, the students who participate in the weekly rehearsals have the opportunity to perform in local cultural events.

Some of the dancers who participate in the Ayazamana Dance Group started in the children’s dance program.


¡Come dance with us!

Children of ages between 7 and 12.

Every Saturday

3:00 pm – 5:00pm

$60 monthly


Mirian Camas is an instructor of Children's Ecuadorian dance group
Mirian Camas

Mirian Camas has been dancing for more than a decade. She was raised in a family of musicians and has learned Ecuadorian rhythms from an early age. She joined Ayazamana Dance Group for several years before becoming an instructor of our children’s dance group.


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